Monday, May 17, 2010

A ray of hope

We had a really great day on Saturday--my Gessner was back! It was so refreshing to be able to just hang out with Gess and enjoy the day. We drove up to Gig Harbor (about 45 minutes from Seattle) just to explore. We decided that we want to take more of these little exploring trips. While walking through town we found a yarn store and noticed that a yarn shop hop was happening that weekend. Gess asked if I wanted to do it, so how could I say no? :) We ended up going to only 4 of the stores, but that was enough. I got a few free patterns and bought some yarn for a scarf (it is the coolest ruffles!) and some for socks for Gess. I haven't been knitting much lately, but I guess I should start again :) I have lots of nice yarn just waiting for me.

I really hope that we have more of these "good" days. I have really missed him!


Shannon said...

yay! That is wonderful Lisa, I am so happy for you!!

Amy said...

That's awesome Lisa!!!!!!! I want to see the finished scarf ;)

Sandy said...

I am smiling :-) I am so glad that you guys had a great day. Remember these wonderful times, and bring them back to your mind as you sit by his bed. Know that I love you both lots and lots and am rejoicing with your for this great day. Better get knitting!! Big hugs

Vicky said...

Dear Lisa,

Just came across your blog and felt moved to get in touch. My name is Vicky, I am 30, and I am married to Will (35) who has CF. We live in Cambridge, England. Thank you for writing so honestly about what you are going through. I think people assume that us CF partners are rocks or constant pillars of strength... We're not, we're human, and this stuff is truly truly hard and it impacts on us and our lives too. There are so many things I feel like saying but don't know where to start. The main thing is that I completely relate to your talk about emotional exhaustion, especially when weird 911-type health scares occur. We signed up for IVs right? And we were prepared for gradually declining lung function and eventually O2... but these random weird things that come from nowhere can completely derail you and you can lose confidence in everything. I also wanted to urge you to embrace the possibility of transplant if you get the chance. Will got his new lungs 7 months ago and we have had some truly priceless days together since then. It is amazing feeling bits of him come back to me. Speaking just from a wife's perspective, it is a very hard road but the thing is that the trajectory is upwards instead of downwards. Scary things do still happen, and the future is still terrifying, but as a couple this is combined with being able to LIVE and have many more of the good days. I realised the other day that I have lost a bit of myself - we have got used to our lives revolving around Will - but we now both have the emotional energy to do something about that and focus on me a bit more.

I really really hope you've been having more of the good days and fewer of the scary ones, so that you've been able to recharge your emotional batteries a little. Will and I have a blog - - Will talks about transplant stuff and I occasionally splurge a bit about more emotional stuff! Do pop over and say hi or email me - vecramer at gmail dot com if you want to ask anything about tx from a wife's perspective. Take care of yourself.

CowTown said...

Ahh, that's awesome Lisa! The yarn with ruffles sounds like a lot fun. Yay for Gess feeling good enough for such an awesome weekend.