Monday, February 16, 2009

c diff and the big d

Yep, you read right...Gess has c diff.  We found out right after we crossed the border from a last minute trip to Canada.  He has been feeling crumby (like stomach flu crumby) in addition to his CF-crumby so at clinic 2 weeks ago he talked to the doc and they ordered a c diff test.  It took awhile for Gess to bring the sample in for the test, but sure enough he has it.   So, he is finishing up his IV antibiotic course and starting the orals for the c diff.  Really? It seems like one thing after another.  I hope that with getting rid of the c diff he will feel a lot better.

As for the big D...that's me...and it is depression.  It is back and has been for awhile.  The good news is that I am realizing it, but bad news is that it really sucks. I am struggling to stay motivated for anything and that is hard.  So, I am slogging away, trying to keep my chin up and hoping that I make it :)  Ahhhh...the joys of life.


jordysmom said...

So sorry you guys are both suffering. Both ailments are certainly tough to deal with.

Hope you both feel better soon.


Shannon said...

I think about you a lot Lisa, as sort of the counter to what I imagine life might be like for my husband some day as a Cf spouse. I think you do a remarkable job of juggling it all. Hang in there, I hope you both get some relief!

CowTown said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're both going through tough times right now. I don't know much about c diff, but I really hope it gets resolved soon!

And you....I wish I could help cheer you up!

Take Care.

Elizabeth said...

Yuck -- I'm so sorry. Glad you're on top of your health (not to mention your husband's) and v much hope that you start to feel better soon; maybe our soon to come spring weather will help. Take care!


PS - Will got c diff last time he was in the hospital. He thinks it's gone, but I'm not so sure. . .I think sometimes it can be hard to treat in immune suppressed people.