Sunday, February 22, 2009

Can I have C Diff?

So, Gess has c diff and is taking antibiotics for it. He just finished IVs and has about another week on the orals for the c diff. He seems to be feeling better--lung wise, but is still having a lot of pain.

My, on the other hand, I am sick :( I went out on Friday night and when we got home I felt really sick. I vomited and got really red and blotchy. I have basically slept the entire weekend and have been taking benadryl to help with the hives and itching. My stomach has been really upset and I am having some of the symptoms that Gess it possible that I have c diff too? I haven't been on abx for awhile...but the symptoms....ughhhhh... I wish that I could get healthy! One sick person per couple is more than enough!


NoExcuses said...

I hope you feel better, Lisa! People without CF can definitely get C Diff :(

jordysmom said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better very soon.


CowTown said...

Sounds awful Lisa! I hope it goes away pronto!!