Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the hospital again...

I really can't believe it, but Gess was just readmitted to the hospital. He was discharged on Saturday after an embolization. Sunday was a very rough day because of pain medication. But Monday and Tuesday were a lot better. Today seemed to be even better. He woke me up this morning, urging me to get up to go out to breakfast. I wanted to stay in bed, but he wouldn't let me :) So we had a nice breakfast and then we went off to work.

In the afternoon he called me and told me that he didn't feel good...he said that he felt dizzy, naseous, and just "off." On the way to the car he started vomiting and that vomiting continued for a long time. He went home and tried to take a nap, but the vomiting continued. He finally called me and asked me to come home because something "was really wrong." He called back while I was enroute and said that he was wondering if he should call an ambulance...he was feeling that badly. But, I was close, so he decided to wait for me.

I picked him up and went right to the ER (we are only 7 miles from the hospital). I dropped him off at the front door and went to park the car. When I got to the ER he was laying on the floor with people standing around him...apparently he fell when trying to stand up to go back to triage. So, he got right in. They took blood and did a chest xray. He had a significant fever. The chest xray also showed a spot. The ER doc ordered IVs, determining that he has puemonia (based on the spot on the xray). They started the work up to admit him. The medicine team decided that they aren't convinced it is a lung infection, so they are holding off on the IVs (I agree with this decision).

The doctors suspect that it could be a blood infection again. So...we wait for at least 24 hours because that is the earliest that something will show up on the blood cultures.

Really, I can hardly believe that this is the 5th hospitalization since March. We are both just exhausted. Let's hope that this is uneventful and we get a break at some point.


Amy said...

I am SO sorry Lisa!!! I can't believe he is in again! Hugs to both of you and I hope that this is an easy fix


Piper said...

here's hoping this is a short stay and that it brings you one step closer to fixing whatever's causing this mess. i'm just so sad to hear you're in again!

unrelated, but i got your message and i'll respond after i finish my testing today. didn't want you to think i was ignoring you!

NoExcuses said...

My gosh Lisa, I'm at a loss for words. You will be in my thoughts as well as Gess of course.

I hope Gess gets better quickly! Hugs!

jordysmom said...

So sorry Lisa. I really hope that whatever is causing this can be handled easily. You both are in my thoughts.


Tina said...

Lisa what the fuck. I am keeping you both in my prayers. I'm sending out some peaceful vibes. I hope Gess gets some relief, his poor body.
Call in for back-up if you can. All of those people that say "Let me know if I can do anything for you." Call them on it. Even having some prepared meals dropped off is such a huge help. Having some laundry sent out.
Just catch a break.
Lisa my heart just aches for you.
Take Care

Princess Talana said...

Thinking about you and Gess!

CowTown said...

Lisa.....I'm SOOO sorry to hear about all this!!! You will both be in my thoughts!!! I really hope the docs can get to the bottom of what's causing this. Geeez, you guys need a big break so you can relax again, together.

Big Big Hugs to you and Gess!

Cowtown Kelly

Leena said...

read this last night and checked back to see if there's an update. hope all is getting better.