Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fun times at the ER

Well not really of course. So, I get home from work last night around 6:00 and Gess gets home shortly after that. His lungs are hurting, so he wants to go grocery shopping to give him something else to think about. We head over to Fred Meyer and shop. Then we stop to grab something to eat and head home. As we pull into the driveway Gess says that he feels weird. His face is numb and his vision is off.

We get him inside and he says that he can't breath. Then he starts coughing up blood. So I say, "We are going to the ER, get in the car." I call my friend Ta to see if she can come and get Beauty since we have been gone all day, then head over to the ER. The bleeding stops, but there is lots of coughing which brings on vomiting. He is feeling better by the time we get to the ER (7 miles away), but goes in anyway.

He gets checked out--they do a chest x-ray and blood work. Everything looks the same as before. The pain in his lungs gets worse, so they give him some pain meds. The ER docs were great. They consulted with the pulmonary fellow on call and then asked my husband what he wanted to do. He said that he wanted to go home and they agreed with the plan since he was no longer bleeding and we live so close.

We finally get home around 1:45, put the groceries away and fall into bed. Gess is up and at work today against my wishes of course. The pulmonary fellow actually called this morning to follow up, which was a pleasant surprise. She talk to the nurse who is going to talk to the CF doctor and then we can go from there.

I really just don't know what is going on. The pain just won't go away. And then the bleeding--he has had some minor bleeds over the last several months, but this one was bigger (around 3/4 cup). He also just got off of antibiotics. What gives? Everyone seems perplexed and we are just plain frustrated. At least the ER visit went smoothly, all things considered.

We did have a crazy nurse. She said "I have to try to get this perpendicular. Oh...that is a big word." Gess and I were able to stifle our laughter until she left. But it might be an inside joke for a few days :) You gotta find anything amusing in these situations :)


Leena said...

Ugh, no fun and scary for you I'm sure. *hugs and prayers*

NoExcuses said...

how SCARY!!!! ugh. bleeding is just so frightening.

maybe he has a plug? anytime i have a lot of mucus in one area it weighs on my airways and sometimes there is a break so bleeding ensues...

or maybe the abx he was on weren't right for the bugs he has? an active infection can certainly cause problems as well as you know.

ugh! so sorry to hear that.

jordysmom said...

That's a lot of blood! I really hope they can figure this out.


CowTown said...

Oh Lisa, that sounds very scary and so strange about the face turning numb and no vision!! Yikes. Poor Gess. Our bodies do such funky things sometimes. I really hope he feels better soon and tha pain goes away.

What do his doctors think is causing the pain??


Amy said...


Hope they can figure something out for him! It is so frustrating when no one can find the source of the issues :(

(((HUGS))) for both of you!