Sunday, March 15, 2009

Settled at home

Well, we finally got Gess home on Friday--no thanks to the morons at the UW pharmacy. One pharmacist went out of her way to help get it straightened out, so I am very thankful for her! The whole discharge took about 6 hours. Yeah, 6. Good thing I didn't have anything to do--like work! was so frustrating! But it was definitely good to have Gess home, even though I was nervous about it. They discharged him without giving him any chest PT to make sure that he could tolerate it without bleeding. I don't get it. He needs to do PT (via vest at home) in order to keep his lungs as clear as possible. But if the PT results in bleeding, shouldn't they know that BEFORE they send him home?

He is on a trio of antibiotics right now. The cocktail de jour is minocycline (PO), meropenem (IV), and colistin (inhaled). Oh, and still on the Flagyl for the c diff. He is also on IV or IM demoral for the pain. He was pretty much out of it yesterday because of the pain meds. It is hard because it is not the in-bed-24-7 sort of out of it. It is walking around and forgetting everything and saying random things sort of out of it. And that scares me. I feel like I need to put him on a leash so that I can watch what he is doing and make sure he doesn't fall or do something else to hurt himself. He told me that he feel in the bathtub the other day, which of course, adds to my concerns. So, needless to say, yesterday was a pretty stressful day here.

He is off the demoral for now, so he is lucid, but grumpy. He says that he feels really weak and his muscles ache. He has lost about 15 pounds in the last month--15 that he didn't have to lose. So, today is going to be another low key day. He is napping right now, which is good. He said that he shouldn't sleep all day, but my opinion is that if he is tired he should sleep. His body needs to recover and he doesn't sleep well on the demoral.

I am vacillating between trying to relax and trying to get things done. I have a lot to do, but really don't have the energy to do it. Hospital stays take a lot out of me, but I think that the days at home when he is out of it take even more. My schedule is completely off too, which just doesn't help. I am pretty frustrated because I am supposed to be training for a marathon but between my shin issues and Gess's health stuff, I am just not getting very far. But, it definitely could be worse. I just need to try to keep things in perspective. Or hit something. :)


Amy said...

I took a kick boxing class ONCE and it helped me haha!! Beat the crap out of that punching bag!!!!!


jordysmom said...

Glad Gess is home. I hope he can get enough rest to get some strength back.

I'm with Amy. Get a punching bag. :)


CowTown said...

We have a punching bag. It's much more aerobic then I ever thought!!! And it's a super arm workout. Just fyi.

I'm glad he's home too.

CFlover said...

I am so glad I found anothe CF wife blog to read!! I love these things!!!!
Glad your home safe & sound!