Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lots of test, not many answers

So, I am not feeling well. At all. I have been feeling really tired and also a bit on the dizzy side (no blonde jokes please!). I thought that it would just go away, but it hasn't for about three weeks, so I decided to make an appointment to see the doctor (thanks for the gentle pushing focus in chat last night!). I called my doc this morning at 8:00 am, and was able to get an appointment for 9:45 am. I got there and describe all of the stuff that was going on and his first reaction was, "Sounds like you are pregnant." Man, do I hate that. He is the one that ordered Gess's test to make sure that he is in the same boat as 98% of men with CF--and he is. That is a hard thing for me to deal with--so I hate when I hear "Maybe you are pregnant" or "Sounds like you are pregnant" or whatever. Not his fault--just a sensitive subject for me. (He ran the test just in case, and it was negative--which makes my heart sink for some reason, even if I knew that it would be that way).

Anyway...also checked out my sinuses and ears and they are all clear. He says I could be anemic (good call Fred), but that I don't look like I am anemic. I left various samples with the lab, and I am supposed to find out the results on Friday.

So, all I know is that it doesn't appear to be the "usual" suspects.

I hope that he figures out what is going on and that there is an easy fix. As my good friend T put it, "You;ve ahd too much happen already lately." So, I am just taking it one day at a time and hope that there is something that can be done. I am exhausted. I sleep, but am still tired. And, it is making me a bit grumpy (or maybe more than a bit). And did I mention that I am tired?

And since I am updating...

Gess had quite a fiasco with a blood draw yesterday (that deserves it own blog post, so you'll have to wait for the whole story). The docs are continuing the cefaphime for another week, but discounting the tobra. He seems to be feeling a bit better, but the progress on that is slow.

Beauty's eye/face is getting better--it is not back to 100% normal, but the swelling is going down (she woke up yesterday morning with a swollen face--vet said to give benedryl). She has an ultrasound next week to see if the cancer has come back.

Man...we are one mess of a family!!


Elizabeth said...

Hey -- so sorry to hear you're not feeling well, I hope it gets figured out soon and fixed if needed, or you just start to feel better. I'm a huge fan of acpuncture for almost everything, for what that's worth. Thanks for the offer of a compressor, Will thinks he's okay for now. . .awaiting the new perscription and then hoping it doesn't take forveer to shop for one because the saline treatments really do seem to make a big different to him. Take care!

Eileen said...

Hi Lisa, sorry that you are not feeling well. The pregnancy comment from your doctor sounds like it would be really frustrating, especially since he knows your situation! It's definitely a sensitive subject for me, too.

Once when I was 2 months "late" I kind of freaked out and actually bought a pregnancy test (since my husband never had the fertility testing there was still that 2% chance). I felt dumb buying it, and new it would be negative, but I also had that sinking feeling when it was confirmed. I guess it's just hard to accept. Also, in your case, it would be really nice to just have your symptoms explained.. I hope you get it sorted out soon!