Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Story--how we met

It is fun to write "our story" sometimes, so I figured I would fill in little pieces every now and then. But I jumped right to engagement! So I figured I would take a step back.

Gess and I met in 1997 or so at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho. We have different recollections of the first time we met. We had a mutual friend who Gess remembers introducing us (and that friend's comment about how "well endowed" I was). I remember a slightly less than ideal meeting. We were in the campus cafeteria with a bunch of friends. Everyone else finished and had to go to class, but Gess and I just go there so we stayed there at the table alone. But he ignored me. The whole time. Reading Gun and Ammo magazines. I thought that he was quite a jerk!

Not sure how long it was from them until our next significant encounter...but that one was more pleasant. We ended up in the same Speech Class (you know, where you learn pubic speaking). It was the first day of class and I sat near the front, Gess in the back. Our teacher was a piece of work--who ever heard of a "valley girl" teaching people how to speak?? All I remember is Gess making some smart-ass comment and me turning back and smiling at him. I think his return smile made me blush :)

As the semester progressed, Gess moved from the back of the classroom to eventually sit right next to me. He also started to bring me chocolates and leave them on my desk. Of course, he made me laugh every day. Who would have known that speech class would have started something still going after 10 years??

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