Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mixed Bag

It seems like everything with CF comes with a mixed bag--good things and bad.  This weekend was one of those.  Last week Gess finished his round of IV antibiotics and seems to be feeling better.  I am feeling better too--maybe it was the Vit D deficiency!  Work has been insane, but we are coping and have been generally doing well.  

So we wake up on Saturday morning and Gess says the "W" word to Beauty, so we got up and headed over to this new artisan bakery down the street.  The line there was was too long, so we opted for this great little neighborhood cafe that has a Moroccan flair and a couple of tables outside.  It was the perfect fall day, with the sun shining.  We had a great brunch. I had their special fresh toast made with sweet potato bread and nuts.  Gess went to the L side of the menu and had a Lamb and Brie sandwich, with turkey pumpkin soup.  I sat there thinking about what a perfect fall morning that was.  Gess, Beauty, and me sitting at a local cafe, eating yummy food while still in PJs and soaking in a little Vitamin D.  It was a lovely though.  I smiled.  I closed my eyes and felt the sun upon my face.  We left in a good mood....but within about a block, Gess started coughing up blood.  WTF!  He just finished IV abx!  3 full weeks!  We have PLANS for the weekend.  Ugggghhhh.  I hate when that happens!  He is okay, his lungs are hurting now.  We still had our Pumpkin Party.  But can't there ever just be a day when things can be "perfect"?  A day without vomiting or blood or crying.  Just on freakin day???? 


Tina said...

Oh Lisa this is not an easy life. Up and down up and down. Not easy. On a good note your brunch sounded divine, it's those times you have to tuck away for later when you're feeling like WTF!!
Stay in the sunshine!

jordysmom said...

Ugh! Sorry your perfect day had to get stained. One day doesn't seem like a lot to ask.


Will said...

The blood thing happens anytime, whenever it chooses, sick or well. At least that's my experience. My ex-wife, at least ten years ago, before my transplant, was getting sick of me being sick, read some books, and planned a "night of sensual touching," seeing as how I wasn't up to much in that realm of life. As soon as the mood was set . . . About two quarts of blood (I caught one quart in a mason jar, full) erupted. It took several days to get my breath back. But the phrase "NOST" and the situation always makes me laugh. It didn't make her laugh, though, and that was (part of) that.