Monday, September 21, 2009

In the hospital

Gess is in the hospital again. He hasn't been feeling well...sort of
fluish. It seemed to be getting worse instead of better so he decided
to go in. I was still on narcotics from my surgery, so a friend took
him in. They admitted him and put him on tobra and meripereom. They
also gave him fluids and pain meds.

They ran a bunch of tests, including for the swine flu. In fact I am
struggling to type this because my iPhone does not like the gloves I
am required to wear as contact precaution.

Gess is looking a lot better and feeling better too. He has only
vomited once today and that was coughing induced.

I believe that if the flu test comes back negative he will be able to
come home tomorrow.


jordysmom said...

Hoping for no flu, and home soon.


Tina said...

Hope so! Ouchie mama between your shins and Gess yowza! keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers!