Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A better day

Today has been a better day. No more seizures thankfully. Last night we "slept" at our friends' house. Gess seemed to get a fair amount of sleep, but I had a hard time sleeping. I kept listening to him breathe. Every little twitch or movement jolted me awake. For a couple of hours I just sat there not even closing my eyes because all I could "see" was the seizure. I am not sure why it affected me so much, but it was one of the more disturbing things that I have seen. I think that part of it is the unknown and then also the non-responsive state that he was in. Physical things are one thing, but more "mental" things are another.

We came home around 10:00 ish this morning and I did a bit at home. I was exhausted so we took a nap. The weather has changed so we curled up and cuddled with Beauty. We were both able to get some sleep and stayed in bed for most of the day. When I woke up I felt a bit better, I think that the exhaustion has just been wearing on me.

This evening has been equally uneventful. Chinese delivery. DVR-ed TV. The three of us scrunched together on the couch. I did a little homework, a little shopping, facebook.

Gess's dad decided to come out next week. He is having some issues with the condo he is closing on soon.

So, here's hoping for a low key few days and then a good visit with Gess's dad.


Amy said...

It would affect me the same. That is a scary thing to witness, especially on the one you love.


Kellee said...

Prayes for some uneventful few days!!!