Friday, November 14, 2008

Discovered my sleep issue?

So, I have had sleep issues for awhile. After about a year of just not sleeping well, I went and saw a sleep specialist, had a sleep study, etc. I have mild sleep apnea and also restless leg syndrome. I take medication for the RLS and that seems fine (I never understood why I couldn't get my legs comfortable at move theaters, but this explains it!!). I had surgery for the sleep apnea and that helped some, but didn't do away with it completely, so I have a cpap. Not crazy about it and only use it sometimes.

I also had a lot of trouble failing sleep, so I take Ambien. I am tired of taking that, so I am going to see the sleep doc to figure something else out, but it works for the time being. So, I have noticed that I am just tired--even if I do all of the things that I am "supposed" to do, and my breathing, etc. looked fine on the last sleep test.

So, I conducted a bit of an experiment this week--well, I didn't intend for it to be one, but I found results, so let's say it was an experiment :) I slept upstairs in the guest room most of the week, and I slept SO well! I woke up early on my own and felt refreshed and got through the whole day without getting tired, etc. I was just telling Gess on Wed. how much better I was feeling and thought maybe it was sleep or it could be Vit. D levels (since I was really really low before and have been on the supplements for over a month). Then, last night I slept in our regular bed with Gess. This morning I woke up and was SO tired. I remember him waking me up a few times (he is not feeling well and on pain medications again), so really I think that he is disturbing my sleep. He clears his throat a lot at night and moans and talks, etc.

Of course, this leads to a dilemma: what to do! I want to just sleep upstairs in the guest bed :) But he doesn't like that. But, I need my sleep! I want him to go and have a sleep test to see what is going on. If he is waking me up a million times he can't be getting good sleep either. He agrees, but for whatever reason, wants to put it off. Hmmmm...

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I discovered I had a very similar sleep issue, and mine won't go to the doctor about a sleep study yet (even though he is more tired than me, and I'm the one with cf ;) ). He snores...I finally got a white noise machine and I have been sleeping soooo much better. I almost asked my doctor about getting checked for fibromyalga before! I hope Gess gets his problem fixed for both of you...