Thursday, September 25, 2008

Letter from MIL

So we get a card from my MIL is how it starts:
"As I prepare for my trip tomorrow, I feel it is important to tell you how much I appreciate the way you handle the pain and health issues of your lives--freeing me to do my own thing like go on this trip."

WTF?!!!! Ummm...dear son, thanks for not burdening me with your CF so I can "do my own thing."?????

Ughhhh---I am having a crappy day!


Piper said...

wow lisa, that just made me really mad. not to bash you MIL at all, but if my mom sent me something like that i would burst into tears!

for what it's worth, i think it's admirable how you handle everything too, but feel free to "unburden" yourself to me anytime!

Lisa said...

Yes, I am really mad right now. Thankfully for her she is on her trip so I can't call and tell her what I think!

Elizabeth said...

Wow -- that's something. I'm sorry; what a misplaced effort at, I don't even know what, support? gratitude? Weird, just werid.

Hope your bad mood lifts soon.

Jennifer said...

I love how people can write something, fully thinking they're being complementary, when it's really hugely insulting or stupid. She won at both of those things for that one!

Amy said...


So basically she is saying her SON is a BURDEN to her! Wow what a woman! Bet she wins mom of the year for that comment. Not to bad mouth her either, I'm just floored!


Shannon said...

Oh wow. It seems like she meant well, but jeez...Gess is lucky he has you, Lisa!

Mandy said...

You are an amazingly strong women and the challenges that come from being a wife to a CFer is very unique. CF is hard sometimes for everyone involved and we all have very different ways of dealing with it. It sounds to me that she was trying to say thanks for easing some of her burden knowing that her son is loved and well taken care of. IDK the situation though, sorry I can see how it can be offensive.