Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on us

I am tired! It has been a really long week. We had some family in town last weekend and that was completely emotionally draining, so I started off the week already worn out. I am injured--apparently I have a budging disc or something wrecking havoc on my lower back/leg. I started PT this week, which has seemed to help. I am also continuing with massage/acupuncture to try to get it all sorted out. I haven't been able to work out though, which is annoying. I actually want to go to the gym and can't. I just keep reminding myself that I am doing what I need to do now, so that I will stay better...instead of doing what I want to do now and making it worse.

Gess seems to be feeling okay--though honestly it is really hard to tell most of the time. He has been working a lot, so I feel like we never really see each other during the week. When we both get home we are just tired and really don't want much interaction. I hate weeks like this because of that. He is going to talk to work about doing 4 ten hour shifts instead of 5 days a week, and he thinks that nearly everyone is on board. That will be really nice for him, since he works long days already. I think that 3 days off in a row will be good for his health. So we'll see.

Beauty is doing well--nothing new on her front. We have to schedule her next ultrasound to see if the cancer is back.

Tonight I am going out with a girlfriend, which should be fun. We are going to go to the art museum tomorrow, which I am really looking forward to.

We have a clinic appointment on Monday--which I am not looking forward to. I seriously hate going to clinic appointments. Gess hates them too, so it is just a really crappy way to spend 4 hours. Oh well.

Sorry for the most boring blog post ever, but I felt like I need to do something :)


Sara and Dustin said...

Those four day work weeks are really great, i hope gess gets it!!!

Amy said...

I hope the 4 day work week helps him out!!!! And keep us updated on his clinic appt :)