Friday, September 26, 2008


I feel like I can't concentrate on anything today. I think that this week has just taken a toll on me.

About Gess--he is doing okay. He started the IV antibiotics and all seems well with that. The transition to the new home health people has seemed to go pretty smoothly, they came out to do a blood draw this morning. He went to the hand specialist today and got his broken hand looked at. They gave him this splint thing to wear (apparently they don't do casts anymore if you are an adult, they "trust" you to keep the thing on--I told Gess that he should ask for a cast since we both know that the doctors cannot trust him--but to no avail...he told me on the phone that he has a splint). The doctor said that this break isn't too bad, so hopefully it will heal up alright.

I am a bit tired today. Gess was up in the middle of the night, and kept me up. Then I got up super early to be at the gym at 5:00 am. Surprisingly I was awake and functioning. The workout went well. It was the first with my trainer since the back injury. So I am anxious to see how I feel tomorrow. So far, the back feels fine today. I am also going to get a massage in about an hour, so that will be good for the body!

I have a million things that I want to get done this weekend, so I am starting a list to keep myself focused and sane! The only commitment that we have so far is a housewarming tomorrow afternoon. So, in addition to that I am going to get some cleaning and organizing done and hopefully have some time left over for some crafting. I have found recently that if I don't think about what I want to do on the weekend in advance and make "plans" I end up wasting the time away doing things like surfing the internet. So, not this weekend. I am not going to go super strict, but I am going to set up some structure so I will hopefully have a good balance of productive and restful. We'll see how it goes!


environmental fiend said...

Lisa, Hope you have a good weekend and that Gess continues to improve. I'm glad you're taking some time to do fun things for yourself in the midst of everything else.


jordysmom said...

I hope Gess is a good boy, and keeps his splint on. :)