Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back to "normal"

G came home on Christmas, but hasn't shown me the photos yet.  Apparently he loved Death Valley and wants the two of us to go for a week.  He had some bleeding on the trip, so before he came home he contacted the clinic and arranged for antibiotics.  Because of the holiday and the weather he wasn't able to get started until yesterday.  He went into the office for a bit and then went by the hospital to get some pain meds--still Demerol.  This time he is administering it IM instead of IV so that there is no port access.  It still isn't the ideal situation, but it is what pain management is prescribing for now.  There has to be a better answer, but so far none is apparent.  He will keep working with the pain clinic to see what they can come up with. This morning he announced "No more Demerol" so I don't know.  

He is taking ceftaz (I think) IV and then doing Tobi inhaled, as they don't want to go to Tobra IV unless they have to because of his kidneys and resistance.  I hate PA and am hoping that they can find some new abxs.  I look at his sputum culture results and the antibiotic choices are slim. I think that they have been this way for awhile, but it still freaks me out.

He is tired and restless, which is not a good combination. I am restless and tired of being cooped up.  The weather is finally letting up and I think that I could drive without fearing for my life, so I might venture out today just to be around people.

I finally made it in to the office yesterday, only to have my work laptop give me the "blue screen of death."  What luck!  I am not sure when I will be up and running again.  

I also think that I am allergic to something in my house as I have had very frequent headaches and have been inside forever.  I know that I am allergic to dust, so maybe there is just a lot here. Also, because of the weather, I have missed a couple of allergy shots, so that could be contributing to it.  I hate to admit it, but I think that this old house might not be the best for us.  I really don't want to move, but new construction sounds very tempting right now.  I am on the fence about size.  We love having the big house, but really it is too big for us.  We don't need all of this space, really we don't.  But it is very nice to have my own space.  We are thinking we will eventually move into a condo, but those tend to run so small there is the danger of being smothered.  Housing is probably the biggest drawback of Seattle.  I love it here, but wish that housing was more affordable so that we could buy a big condo and get both space and newness and not have to live in the suburbs a million miles away from the city.  

G got me a great gift for Christmas---too "big" I will admit, but I still love them.  I got diamond earrings.  I have wanted them for a long time and he has been reluctant and we have actually fought over them, so much so that I finally told him that I didn't want diamond earrings from him and that I would just buy them for myself. I actually figured out how to get them and was planning on doing it soon (trading in a ring that I never wear), and then he got them.  He is so weird sometimes!  I ended up making him gifts this year, mostly because I was stuck and unable to shop.  I did buy a watch, but it didn't get delivered because of a mistake by the seller and the weather, so he will get that on Monday.

Friday is our 10th wedding anniversary and we still don't have plans for what we are going to do!  We have been talking about it for about 6 months, and just haven't come up with anything!  Lame, I know. I think that the "biggness" of it has been the roadblock.  Part of me keeps thinking that this will be the only "big" anniversary that we will get and so that I need to make it special.  Talk about pressure!  All self-imposed I know.  I have gotten great gifts for him (some bought and some homemade), that I will blog about after in case he does read this.  I also think that I got him to agree to an anniversary party this spring :)

Okay, enough rambling....

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Sara and Dustin said...

I think a new house sounds like a great idea!! Our house is three years old and is great for Dustin's health (at least thats what I preached when we bought it). :-)

How exciting about your new diamonds! I bet they are just beautiful.