Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CF Year in Review

Well, basically 2008 has sucked as far as CF goes.  We started the year out with G recovering from a horrible canademia infection that necessitated pulling his port.  He got a new port in mid-January after they determined that the yeast was gone.  It was really draining on him and took a long time for him to recover.  He went on and off of antibiotics during the following months.  I think that the first time he really felt good was in July, and that only lasted for about a week (when we were on vacation).  

He has some freak things happen and been on IVs more times than I can count.  He is on IVs right now.  So, he will start 2009 on them too.  That sucks.  CF sucks.  I am hoping that 2009 proves to be better!


Elizabeth said...

Hey -- thanks for keeping up with us on the Liam blog and for your kind comments. You take care of yourself too! Here's hoping for a better 2009 health-wise.

Shannon said...

I hope this year proves better for Gess. Cf does suck.