Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am having one of those days when I am inside my own head too much. I feel like I can't stop thinking and really I don't want to think! Sometimes I feel like I am always trying to be better and work on stuff, etc., and it is exhausting! I wish that I could just sit and be, but is that just me wanting permission to be lazy? Sighhhhh....I feel whiny too :( I think that I am just going to drink my wine and stop blogging!


Amy said...

write it all down!!! Doesn't have to be here but somewhere. I find that writing it all out helps me see that maybe there isn't as much crap going on as it felt like in my head. or if there is then I can see it all and begin to work on a plan :)


jordysmom said...

Sorry your head is so jumbled. I hope the wine was relaxing.