Monday, December 29, 2008

I decided it is time for a Happy Blog

I think that in blogging and in life, sometimes you just need to chose to be happy.  No, it doesn't mean that all of the bad things in life will go away or that you will all of a sudden find all of the answers...but focusing on the positive can make a difference.  And so that is what I am choosing to do right now. Yes, my husband has CF and this whole "kids" thing is a big issue...but it isn't everything.  I love my husband, he loves me, we have good jobs, we live in a city that we love, we have great friend and the cutest dog in the world.  So, things aren't perfect, but they are what they are and I won't let them keep me from finding and holding on to the happiness that can be had.  


Amy said...


Beauty is adorable!!!

jordysmom said...

Beauty makes me smile too. Dogs are awesome. They are always happy to see you - even if it's only been 15 minutes since they saw you last. :)