Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In Other News...

...the drama with my sister continues. Yesterday (of all days) I find out that her husband hit my niece and caused a bloody nose. My sister downplayed it by saying that he meant to hit her in the arm and she moved so she got hit in the face instead--hellllllooo!! He HIT her. Oh, and not with his hand, but with his computer keyboard. Nice, I know. Her husband also hit her and has been threatening to do it more often. Now, to me, this seems like a sign to get out...but has she? Nope. Did she call the police when he hit her? Nope. Hit my niece? Nope. Seriously?? All I know is that guy better hope he never sees me again.

So, I told my sister that she needs to get out of the house right now--she has been talking about it for awhile anyway, but can't find a place to go. After hearing about the niece yesterday I decided that I had to report it. My sister is not going to do anything. So...I called CPS. It was not a good experience. The guy on the phone was a tool. He even tried to dissuade me from reporting by telling me that my sister might be a "suspect" since she is letting it happen. I told him that I didn't care--the kids are in danger. Geez. As far as I know, CPS hasn't done anything, and honestly that doesn't surprise me. Even though I am 100% sure that my nieces and nephew would be better off with complete strangers than they are with my sister right now, it was still a very difficult call to make. I am not sure what it was about it, but it was hard.

Today my sister sent me another email with the same sort of place has emergency openings, she has no money for a storage unit--that's right, a STORAGE UNIT! I emailed her and said all of that is just stuff...take your kids and get out of there. All while I am sitting in the ICU watching my husband.

On the way home from the hospital I started to doubt my stance. My sister has hinted (very strongly) that she wants us to give her money--because she needs someone to pay $300 a month to help supplement the rent, etc. I have refused in my mind to even go there. Because honestly I don't believe that all of the money in the world would get her to make the move. I don't think that it is lack of $ that is stopping her...she just isn't ready and willing to make the necessary changes. But on the way home I started to doubt this...what if I am wrong? What if it is just a little money that would make the difference? I know that it isn't...but....ugggghhhhh. I can't believe how much guilt and stress I have over this situation. ***Sigh***


NoExcuses said...

you are a HERO for calling CPS. Call them DAILY if that's what it takes. Document everything - and if they don't respond, call the local news and I'm sure they'd love to hear how CPS isn't helping out.

there are SO MANY resources for battered women - please don't feel guilty about not giving them money. fod God sake you husband is in the ICU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But really - I consider you a real life, angel, HERO for calling CPS even though it must have been one of the hardest things you've ever done. :HUGS:

Amy said...

I don't have anything more to add to what Amy said :) She pretty much covered it all!


jordysmom said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I think you did the right thing by calling.

I never really understand how a woman can put up with being abused, but I absolutely don't understand how a mother can allow her child to be abused.

I hope CPS gets involved, and that your niece never has to be hit again.


Sandy said...

Hey Lis, You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. What is sad is that you care more for the well-being of the kids, than D does. Don't give into the $$ plea, you aren't a ATM remember :-) Love you and am praying for you and Gess. Stay strong my friend - you are doing awesome.