Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sitting in the ER again

Gess had multiple bleeding episodes today and so we are in the ER.
Thankfully our good friend Ta was available to sit with him for awhile
while I wrapped up some things at work. 7 hours later we are still
sitting here. The powers that be have decided to put him in the ICU so
that they can monitor him more closely. They are also alerting the
interventional radiologists in case they need to go in and stop the
bleeding overnight. Hopefully that won't happen and all of the doctors
can pow-wow in the morning.

I am exhausted but scared to go home. The bleeds haven't been huge but
cumulatively it has been about 3 cups. The last time he had a huge
bleed and surgery he ended up on a vent.

The weird thing about this is that he has been feeling better than he
has in months and now this. I don't know what is going on and that
makes it even more scary.


Amy said...


I'm so sorry about this I will keep you both in my thoughts!

Sandy said...

Hey Sweetie, Know that you are both in my thoughts and prayers. We don't always understand, and so I am praying that the doctors will be able to figure it all out. Keep your chin up and give him a big hug from me when you get the chance. Love to you both.

NoExcuses said...

Ugh Lisa I am so sorry to hear this!!! How frustrating.

I can empathize - I hardly ever feel bad when I have bleeds. As you said, that almost makes it more scary because it's such a mystery as to what is going on!!!!

Take care. You are Gess are in my thoughts!!!

jordysmom said...

Thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts.


Piper said...

sending all sorts of hugs and healthy, peaceful vibes your way, lisa. i'm so sorry you guys have to deal with this! fuck cf!

you guys so deserve a BREAK!

Marjolein said...

Sending positive vibes across the ocean! Thinking of you and Gess and hope they can get his bleeding under control