Friday, April 24, 2009


How do you get an MD after your name if you don't know how to write a
valid prescription? Just curious.


Sandy said...

Welcome to the world of "professionals" :-)

Glad that you guys are home. Love to you both.

Elizabeth said...

I actually think that screwing up the perscriptions may be a requirement to get the MD. . .makes you wonder about attention to other little details, like, lab work. . .vital signs. . .drug interactions. . .whatever. Glad you're home. Olympia Procession of the Species today. A great community celebration with a fantastic parade that includes no words (just music) and noting with a motor. Give a yell if you want to come down.

Tina said...

My husband tells this joke to every doctor he meets..."Hey what do you call the doctor that graduates last in his class?"...."Doctor"

And... "What's the difference between God and a doctor?"....."God doesn't think he's a doctor"