Sunday, June 28, 2009

And so it continues...

Gess started to feel like an exacerbation was coming on last weekend, so he started IV antibiotics on Monday. He felt okay for the first few days, but then started to feel worse. Yesterday Gess came home from work early because he wasn't feeling great. He ended up coughing up quite a bit of blood during the evening (probably 2 cups total--1/4 to 1/2 cup at a time). He called the pulmonary fellow on call, who said that he didn't need to come in right away, unless things got worse. Unfortunately they did. He spiked a fever and started to feel dizzy. He kept saying that he felt like he needed to be in the hospital but that he didn't want to go because they can't do anything for him. He continued to feel worse and said that he felt like he was going downhill fast. So, off to the hospital we went.

As ER visits go, this one was really smooth and uneventful. They took him into a room directly from triage instead of sending him back to the waiting room. When the ER attending came in he basically said "You know your body better than any of us could and if you don't feel well enough to be at home, we are going to admit you." Of course the process took awhile, but he was admitted and I eventually went home to try to get some sleep.

They started him on vancomycin, in addition to the tobra and ceftaz that he is already on. They took another sputum culture and will reassess the antibiotics when that comes back.

Today was pretty uneventful. The hope is to have the respiratory therapists come in and do some CPT while he is on pain meds, to hopefully let him get some of the junk up while having the broken rib.

I don't know what else they are going to do. It seems like he is in a bad place...not feeling well enough to be at home, but there really isn't much that they can do for him in the hospital. So...I don't know how long they are going to keep him. I wonder if a good old-fashion two week tune-up might be in order. But, they don't seem to do those anymore since beds are always full and I am sure that the insurance companies are not crazy about that. The other issue is getting admitted on the weekend means that things always move exceptionally slowly.

Some friends came by this afternoon and it was nice to hang out. We ordered pizza and just talked and laughed. I think that was good for his spirits.

Another set of friends is going to come by tomorrow. It is nice that he is allowing people to visit him at the hospital more. I think that it is good for him, and it is nice for me as well.

I hope that something happens and he starts to feel better soon. This has gone on for entirely too long and I know that he is exhausted and frustrated.


Katey said...

I'm praying that he feels much better and that the doctors can hopefully do something to help that along!!

Tina said...

Lisa I am sending you my sweetest vibes. I'm glad to hear that Gess is safe and getting care and being watched. I am so sorry for the endless frustration and exhaustion that goes with the territory, wish I could help you out with that one.
I'm also happy to hear that you guys got to hang with friends, eat pizza and yuck it up, it is soooo good for the soul. Take Care L and give our best to G

CowTown said...

Geeeeeeez. Eventhough the docts can't do much for him, at least he's there while he doesn't feel well enough to be at home. That is something.

I've felt before the feeling of just wanting to be in the hospital and have ppl be there for me so I didn't have to think anymore about every detail of sickness. It always takes some sort of load off my mind when you feel that crummy. I hope he's able to get some more rest there now and maybe he should do a full 2-week tune up. I mean doesn't bleeding mean there's an infection?

Yay for friends coming over and brightening both your spirits a little. That must mean Gess is opening up more about his health, hugh? I remember before he didn't want to bother anyone about it and kept it pretty silent. This might be good for him to open up like this with friends.

Take Care!