Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out of surgery

They weren't able to find anything to embolize after 3.5 hours of
looking. He is still bleeding ( but thankfully small amounts), so it
has to be coming from somewhere. Now we are sitting in the ICU waiting
for the doctors to come and talk to us. I'm worried about what seems
to be a lack of options.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Lisa -- so sorry to hear this. We're up at UWMC tomorrow AM for an apt. with Will. Won't bug you, but if you want to meet up email me or give me a call (I'll email you my cell phone, or you may have it already). Take care!

jordysmom said...

I've been wondering about you guys. I was hoping you hadn't blogged in a while because you were off on a nice vacation or something.

I'm sorry Gess is bleeding again. That they can't find where it's coming from is very frustrating and scarey. You are in my thoughts.