Sunday, June 28, 2009

More visitors today

We have become friends with one of the guys that Gess works with and his family. They are from France and have been in the States for about 18 months. They have three kids ages 6, 4, 18 months. The kids absolutely LOVE Gessner (and like me too :) ) and have been wanting to see us, so we had planned to have a BBQ with them today. But since Gess is locked up, that was impossible. So they came here for a visit instead. I brought in KFC and we had a nice "picnic" and then went outside a little bit to play and then came in and colored for awhile. Gess is tired now, but I think that he really enjoyed seeing the kids and our friends.

Having visitors in the hospital is such a new experience for us, partially because we don't live near family and then also because Gess has never been comfortable having friends visit him here. I am personally very glad that he is becoming more open about it and letting more people in. It's nice to have company. Fortunately the people that have visited have been very comfortable and at ease with visiting (or at least appear to be). It didn't bother the kids today one bit to see Gess hooked up to an IV. When our friend was talking to the oldest about hospitals she was very matter of fact and just said that they are places for doctors to try to figure out what it wrong when someone is sick. I know that it was good for Gessner too. He is always afraid that people are going to think of him differently or treat him differently because of the CF. Because of that we are very selective of who we "let in" and it has made such a big difference. 

Gess wanted me to bring him some "regular" clothes for when the friends came and I forgot, so I bought him a new outfit. Here's his new shirt :)

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Katey said...

I love the new outfit :) I'm glad Gess lets visitors come now. I completely understand though about being selective of who you let visit. It's a difficult situation sometimes. I used to love to have visitors (mostly family). Then I didn't for awhile. Then after my transplant, each time I go in the hospital, my name gets put on the list at our church. I used to not like having people from church visit, because i had to explain so much and didn't want them to see me as being different either. But then i realized that they just care about me and I really enjoy the visitors now. It makes the day go by MUCH quicker!

Praying Gess feels much better and can get out soon!

I'm also praying for Trent's family. I know it sucks and is hard when you loose someone to CF! Hang in there!